Magamama is a community and resource hub for new moms who want natural empowering solutions to the physical pain + emotional madness that can accompany childbirth.

Whether you need a pick-me-up on a hard day, a brief yoga practice to relieve your neck, or some cold hard facts, Magamama brings together personal stories, expert interviews, and ancient healing practices to shine a light on this mysterious post-partum period.

“MAGA” means sorceress

In Brazil, “MAGA” means sorceress. I truly believe that as women these days, we all have to activate our inner sorceress to balance work, relationships, family, health and our inner life without surrendering to fear and overwhelm.

I created MAGAMAMA as an offering of hope, empowerment + practical wisdom for new moms all over the world.
Enjoy your time in my virtual home. My hope is that you get inspired + educated to take care of yourself like the powerful MAGA you are.
I am available to help you envision and implement an empowering birth scenario, to compose a post-partum sanctuary plan, to heal your birth injury or birth trauma, or to help you expand your intimacy and pleasure potential.
My whole heart goes out to you.

View More: http://jenniferpicardphotography.pass.us/kauaihawaiisunrisefamilyphotos There are so many things that people don’t tell you — or can’t tell you — about your transition into motherhood. It’s a beautiful and unique path for each and every woman, but there are so many moments where another mama simply knows exactly what it is that you’re experiencing, and it is in that simple knowing during this most incredibly altering physiological/spiritual/mental/emotional experience, that helps you feel like the world as you know it will make sense again. This is where Kimberly comes in. Her knowledge of the physical is incredible and she undoubtedly makes you feel both amazing and safe in your body, but what distinguishes her from everyone else who I’ve experienced in this journey with holistic practitioners, is her knowingness as a mother herself, a writer, and a yogini. She holds space for your transition and your yearnings, your grieving for the life you once had and the celebration for the one you’re now embarking on. From the moment I met her, I felt as though she were this warm, glowing energy of, “Oh, you’re here. You’ve found the place you need to be right now.”
If you are seeking grounding or ways to root in order to rise again in your new identity in all ways, then Kimberly is the person you want to see.
She knows what it’s like to have your identity completely revamped and how to embrace the new life you’re co-creating with your little one. She also understands that motherhood IS the spiritual path so many yogis seek and there is absolute honor in that. I am blessed for all the incredible ways she’s connected with me about womanhood, mommahood, postpartum care, love, self-love, and more.

– Judy Tsuei