Sexual Discovery

Sexual Discovery

 Sexual energy is life energy. Exploring your erotic potential can be a key to living in harmony with the deepest truths of who you are.

  • Are you in a rut with sex?
  • Are you curious about what more is out there for you?
  • Do you desire more erotic fulfillment?
  • Do you have unusual or unfulfilled fantasies?
  • Can you easily communicate your desires with another?
  • Have you experienced sexual trauma?
  • Do you want to hone your intimacy skills?

Sexological Bodywork is a form of somatic sexual learning and re-patterning for the purpose of deepening your connection to your desire, your body and your sexuality.

Sessions may include:

  • Boundary Restoration
  • Sexual Anatomy Education
  • Breath and Movement
  • Intimacy and Communication Tools
  • Extending Orgasmic Range
  • Self-Exploration and Self-Touch
  • Client-to-Practitioner Touch and Massage

“I don’t think you can really get better from trauma unless it feels safe and comfortable to touch and be touched.” Bessel van der Kolk, 2013

This process is highly individual- the work usually lasts from 2-8 sessions.


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