Post-Partum Healing and Recovery

Post-Partum Healing and Recovery

Do you feel permanently rearranged since you’ve given birth?

You are not alone.

I know you see all the magazine pictures of women losing baby weight in three weeks. I know your neighbor is at the park with her newborn who’s nine days old. I know you had NO idea what this was going to be like.

Becoming a mom is no small earthquake; it is a tectonic plate shift.

The truth is that we are ALL altered by childbirth. Irrevocably, permanently altered.

This could be cause for celebration. Our birthright and shortcut to spiritual liberation! If it weren’t so darn challenging.

  • Was your birth traumatic?
  • Do you feel injured?
  • Is sex painful or not an option?
  • Was your six week visit cursory and inadequate?
  • Do you have: Hemorroids? Prolapse? Scar Tissue? C-section?

Maybe things just aren’t quite right.

Well I have some good news. You don’t have to just tolerate the way you are feeling.

I can guide you through the process of putting the pieces together.

You have options!

Through a combination of hands-on structural work, scar tissue remediation, and Somatic Experiencing work, you can feel like yourself again.

Each woman’s healing process is different (depending on the source of the discomfort and layers that need healing). Together, we will design a customized healing program based on your specific needs.

It’s worth it to prioritize your own health and your sexual wellbeing as a mother and a woman now! For some conditions like diastasis (separation of the abdominal wall) and prolapse, the longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Reclaim your full vitality so that you can return to the activities you love and have the passionate intimate life you deserve.

It’s possible to feel like yourself again!

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