Holistic Pelvic Health Care

I call this Feminism 301. If I have my way, in the very near future, all women will have yearly pelvic health care visits as preventative and restorative health!

Let’s face it sex and our sexual organs are taboo in this culture.

As women, we often suffer silently, experiencing miscarriages, painful periods, abortions, difficulty conceiving, post-partum depression, incontinence, and birth control difficulty. When we confide in other women, we realize how common these experiences are. In fact, I have never had a woman come to me who didn’t have a question with some aspect of her reproductive or sexual health. And of course, we do as women. Chinese medicine believes the best indices of a woman’s health is her menstrual cycle. We are round cyclical creatures often trying to fit ourselves into a linear narrative of production.

But even if you feel great in your body, maybe you have a sneaking feeling that there is more to explore in your erotic intelligence. Perhaps you have noticed that in your fitness, yoga or meditation practice, your gender and sexuality are suspiciously absent, as if your womanhood was irrelevant.

Most women have been touched either in a clinical setting (the doctor or PT) or in a sexual setting (with lovers). Many of us have never experienced a compassionate and informed witness leading us through a journey of mapping our pelvis from the inside. This is an experience of empowerment that every woman deserves.

As women, we know that there is a lot of energy stored in our pelvises- even if we have not fully accessed it yet! Whether or not you have experienced abuse, most of us store tension in our pelvis. It can be profoundly awakening to experience healing touch in this forbidden or avoided territory. At times, it is the only way.

You may have tried all kinds of therapy, but still struggle with discomfort or intimacy. Maybe you have even written yourself off as a candidate for great sex and relationships, deciding on celibacy or a single life. I have helped dozens of women heal long standing trauma and go one to have healthy sexual relationships. I receive text messages like: “I just wanted to tell you that I had sex last night for the first time, and it was incredible!” These are the unique perqs of my job!

I consider it a high honor to enter the spirit door with you.

Does this make you a little excited and a little nervous? I totally understand. I remember my first pelvic health appointment. I knew that I wanted to do it, but I also felt like I was about to join a secret club. When I sat up at the end of the appointment, I felt like I had a round spherical world in my pelvis. And I DID feel like I had entered a club. I am not sure what club that is, but it was a clear demarcator of my own self-sovereignty. I felt remarkably self-possessed. I also felt that it was the beginning of a new journey, and indeed it has been. That was over ten years ago.

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