Birth Rehearsal

What birth is actually like can only be experienced by birth itself.

However you can arrive at the birth gate with your body and mind more prepared by an actual rehearsal of birth.

Women leave birth rehearsals feeling more confident, less fearful and available for a deeper level of healing and awakening in the birth process.

What is it?

Skillful Perineal Massage with Felt Sense

Many women are familiar with perineal massage but have a difficult time guiding their partners to do it, or doing it themselves. Because I am familiar with the territory, I can gently guide you through a mapping and stretching of your pelvic floor. Instead of fumbling around with primrose oil, wondering if you are doing it right, you and your partner can stick to juicy love. I will teach you by example. Together we can create a greater sense of expansiveness and openness.

During birth, the muscles of the pelvic floor have to be malleable and resilient. Most of the women I meet assume that their pelvic floors are not “tight enough.” But actually many women actually carry a lot of tension in their pelvic floors, that can predispose them to tearing. During this session, using breath, oil, and contact, we can create that resiliency. You will also move past fears that many women either consciously or subconsciously have that you will stretch out and won’t stretch back. As we create more space, you will see and FEEL how amazing your vagina is- stretching and then returning to its shape. Women share that there is no substitute for this felt sense of releasing their fear and anxiety, that they may not even know that they had, about a baby passing through. Women viscerally feel the capacity of their body and feel the space opening.

Finding the Pushing Muscles

If you have never had a baby, pushing is a bit elusive. Many women have been told that giving birth feels like taking a big poop. Well that trains a woman to visualize and imagine pushing in the wrong way. Regular Kegels also don’t really include how and where to push. The emphasis is always pulling up and in. So now you don’t have to imagine or guess what to push or where to push, because I will help you find your pushing muscles and practice using them.

I also serve women who really want VBACs. Sometimes they are even more nervous than first-time moms, wondering if there body will really be able to open up for a natural birth. A birth rehearsal is a wonderful time to address tension and fears that may be held in the body and allow women to come fully into the present moment with this baby and this birth.

Women who are having their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th child love this work because they really know how much their body transforms through birth. They know how wonderful it is to emerge form birth with an intact perineum. Some have had episiotomies or stitching in previous births. (In that case, ideally I will have worked on the scar tissue when they are not pregnant) They want to avoid tearing again. Other women value their intact perineums, want to them to stay that way, and want to enter the birth space.

These days many women work right up to their due date so that they can maximize their time with their baby after the birth. A birth rehearsal is a wonderful way to make the transition into the birth space.

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