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How to Have Better Sex Postpartum_ Rediscovering Intimacy After Birth

How to Have Better Sex Postpartum: Rediscovering Intimacy After Birth

It’s no secret that returning to sex after having a baby is complex- an understatement. Many women describe feeling like virgins again- as much a physical description as an emotional one.
Giving birth and becoming a mother has a way of bringing things to the surface. We are literally opened. Through the disassembly process, there is the possibility for deeper self-understanding and growth. We change and are changed, whether we wanted to or not.

Forging a Feminine Path: An Embodied Conversation of Women’s Spirituality and Sexuality


Starts August 17, 2015

We have been led to believe that our spirituality and our sexuality are opposites. The more spiritual we are, the less sexual. The more sexual we are, the less spiritual.

The truth is that a woman can look to her sexual journey for spiritual insights and soul lessons.

This course is for you if you want to explore and learn to:

  • Connect with Your Truest Inner Voice
  • Understand and Explore Your Own Sexual Anatomy
  • Distinguish the Difference Between Orgasm and Climax
  • Clear Old Wounds – and Step Into the Center
  • Access your Sexual Energy as a Key Piece of Your Life Force
  • How Female Energy Bodies are Different from Males
  • What Qualities are Unique to a Woman’s Spiritual Path and to YOUR Spiritual Path

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One student wrote to me: “What I loved about the webinar was that it helped me to awaken parts of myself that have been asleep. I had a hysterectomy several years ago and my ovaries removed as well. In my mind I think I decided that since some of my hormone producing organs(ovaries) and my major climax organ(uterus) were gone and that the feelings of arousal were out of reach. Well I am here to say that I now know that is not true. Can’t wait for the next lesson!” Kimberly P

Join me in this daring and revolutionary adventure!

Have courage. To find out more or register for the course, contact Leigh at the Viva Institute.