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How to Have Better Sex Postpartum_ Rediscovering Intimacy After Birth

How to Have Better Sex Postpartum: Rediscovering Intimacy After Birth

It’s no secret that returning to sex after having a baby is complex- an understatement. Many women describe feeling like virgins again- as much a physical description as an emotional one.
Giving birth and becoming a mother has a way of bringing things to the surface. We are literally opened. Through the disassembly process, there is the possibility for deeper self-understanding and growth. We change and are changed, whether we wanted to or not.

Trauma Skills for Doulas and Birthworkers



Birth is a major event. We know that. We’re doulas. What we may not know is how to support women when they have had a previously traumatic birth or any traumatic event in the pelvis.

Trauma is a big word, but we all experience it. It is a part of being human. 

So is Healing.

You will learn:

  • What trauma means in the body
  • What to look for ahead of time that may influence the birth, how to talk about it with your client, and how to help her better prepare to be able to be in the present moment for this birth.
  • How to recognize when your client has gone into fight, flight, freeze or collapse and what to do about it. 
  • How to regulate yourself when you recognize that you have gone into fight, flight, or freeze

 This is an experiential workshop.


Diving for Pearls


We invite YOU into a juicy, rich, and alive conversation about the HOW and the WHAT of sexuality.

This is THE conversation that we wish we could have had 5, 10, or 15 years ago. Not so much educational but the permission and awareness to release blame shame and guilt from behaviors and demystifying the shadow part- that no matter what stage your relationship to sexuality is, that it is ok.

It’s ok if your sex is not where you want it to be. It’s also great if you are in a healthy growing relationship to sex!

In this course, we are creating an environment that normalizes sexual behavior, sexual desire, sexual confusion, and sexual exploration.

What would the world be like if women, like you, could have sexual autonomy?

We want women to know that your life force energy is yours. It is yours to harness, and to have a deep rich relationship with. We want to share tools and resources for you to create your own pleasure map, find compassion for where you are on your journey, and embody the skills you need to have for your most dynamic sexual self!

A Women’s In-Person Course – 2 full day and 7 weekday evenings –

)))))DATES & TIMES(((((((((
Saturday September 24, 2016;
September 28
October 5, 12, 19, and 26.
November 2, 5 and 9

2 full Saturdays and 7 Wednesday evenings

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Your Facilitators:
Kimberly Johnson is a certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution practitioner. She is the creator of Magamama, an online resource hub for new moms and the course Forging a Feminine Path: An Embodied Conversation of Spirituality and Sexuality. A longtime international yoga teacher and teacher trainer and Structural Integration practitioner, she has now dedicated her life to women’s awakening through the rites of passage of birth, postpartum and sexuality.

Alison Love is the creator of BodyTalk portraits, an intimate conversation with the body while being photographed. She is dedicated to the journey and art of being a woman, community building and dancing as often as possible. She is passionate about practical embodiment, creating sacred spaces, pleasure and dancing through life. Her trainings include Somatic Experiencing, Four Winds Society, Qoya, NIA, and Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts.
Jennifer Laurin is the creator and founder of Shunya Gates Temple. For the past eight years, she has embarked on a deep personal dive into inner engineering, meditation and mysticism. As a Tantric counselor, she fosters whole-being wellness, rich personal transformation, and the emergence of one’s own true nature. Known for her magnanimous spirit, she delights in the richness of life and walking the path of Grace in all her footsteps.