Welcome to MagaMama!

Magamama is a community and resource hub for new moms who want natural, empowering solutions to the physical pain + emotional madness that can accompany childbirth.

Whether you need a pick-me-up on a hard day, a brief yoga practice to relieve your neck, or some cold hard facts, Magamama brings together personal stories, expert interviews, and ancient healing practices to shine a light on this mysterious post-partum period.

Here in Brazil, “MAGA” means sorceress. I truly believe that as women these days, we all have to activate our inner sorceress to balance work, relationships, family, health and our inner life without surrendering to fear and overwhelm.

I created MAGAMAMA as an offering of hope, empowerment + practical wisdom for new moms all over the world.

Enjoy your time in my virtual home, My hope is that you get inspired + educated to take care of yourself like the powerful MAGA you are.

My whole heart goes out to you.

My Story

I’m Kimberly Ann Johnson– a yogini nomad, bodyworker, doula, post-partum women’s health specialist, and single mom to a fiery 8 year old, Cecilia. After 8 years of living in Rio de Janeiro, I have currently set up shop in Solana Beach, California.

Nine years, ago I embarked on a journey to teach yoga on a tropical island in Brazil. I had no idea that that adventure would be my initiation into womanhood and motherhood. After a healthy pregnancy and homebirth, filled with ocean swims, yoga practices, and ice cream (as well as fleas and unidentifiable skin rashes) I was shocked when my post-partum experience was so difficult.

All of the bodywork and yoga tools I had were not working, and I couldn’t find the answers to the questions that I had. I had severe tearing in my pelvic floor, constant low back sacral pain, hemorrhoids, and searing pain during sex. When I googled “post-partum” all I found were articles validating depression. I couldn’t find anything on practical ways that I could address the symptoms I was feeling. So I set out to understand what exactly was going on with me, and to heal myself naturally.

Based on this search deep inside myself and around the world, I have created Magamama as an offering for creative embodied women worldwide who find themselves in the dark, with questions about their body and their experience as women and mothers, that they never imagined would arise.

MAGAMAMA is the sum total of my international teaching + research, private conversations with legendary healers, and lived experience.

My mission is to empower + educate women to make their own choices about how to nourish their bodies, how to sustain their relationships + tenderly reawaken their libidos, how to parent their children with wholeness + creativity, and how to fully mine the experience of being ALIVE.